If I was Abramovich or even Glazer, I wouldn’t bother buying a club – I would simply get first rights on all players coming out of brazil for the next 10 years. Then sit tight and watch the money roll in.

Its 3 years since 2002, just about enough time for most of us to forget what Brazil can do when they’re in the mood. For those of you who missed the Confederations cup final – there were 11 players there for Brazil who could have graced (and I don’t mean that lightly) any premiership team. Even Roque Junior had a memorable day out.

It confirmed also reaffirmed my long held theory that while everybody still loves to talk about Brazil’s porous defence, not since 1982 have they really had a bad defensive line up in a major tournament. Lucio’s performance in this match was what Terry or Ferdinand can only dream about doing for their country someday. And Dida when called upon, made quite a few Dida-esque saves towards the end when Argentina were throwing everything into the attack in an effort to restore pride.

The commentator at one point of time mentioned – have you ever wondered what would happen if Kaka and Ronaldinho played well together… now you know. If Brazil had not squandered some easy chances towards the end the score-line would have embarrassed Argentina.

What can you say about Adriano on song – the strength to hold off a Robert Huth, as he showed in the semis, and the ability to outjump and outrun Heinze with consummate ease, a heading ability to worry the best defences and a lethal left foot that is accurate from 25 yards out – Chelsea should bust the bank for him! And if the bull needed a counterpoint – it was the gazelle like Robinho – all speed and turns and silken touches.

And if anybody has been wondering what will happen when Cafu & Carlos retire, please direct your queries towards messers Cicinho & Maicon who may have a few things to share with you on the subject. And in the Valhalla of football footage, the 25 odd passes over 2 minutes leading up to Ronaldhino’s tuck-away goal when almost every Brazilian player and not a single Argentinian touched the ball – should be a guest of honour.

If football is a drug, then the Brazillian team is undoubtedly it’s most charismatic peddler. Vive la Samba.

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