Options, Futures and SWAPs

On another note, I hope Man Yoo will have the sense to play hardball with both Real Madrid and with Owen so they can get him at a lower salary and transfer fee for the first year – since he has everything to play for. May be even a loan? In this, the year of the world cup, players may be more willing to come to the party than in other years.

This way, they can get Owen, leaving the funds and door open to do a swap deal for Essien – perhaps using Kleberson and Saha. Saha desperately needs to be in a team where he sees himself as a key guy – the poor guy passes out wide and doesn’t even run in for the cross any more. Kleb’s case could well be strengthened by the resurrection of Diego Forlan, in a slower continental footballing environment. This may bring the cost of Essien down to 15 mill.

Which is when the upside of not being a public company should become obvious to all those who still, pointlessly, rant and rave about Glazernomics. If not Essien, this sort of deal should definitely work for a Ballack.

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