Here’s a summary of the team talks before the match yesterday:

France: Raymond Domenech

Okay, today ve are going to attack from zee word go… but we will defend as well… Thierry you vill play upfront with trezeguet… but wait no, you must also help Ribery with zee midfield. Zizou, you sit next to me and hold my hand… malouda, you must keep sending zee ball to Thierry… no wait, you should play it to ribery on zee right. And claude you must make sure zeir attack is stopped early… but you must also get zee ball upfield, willie, you will cover on zee right and keep abeyadour under zee wraps but u must also move up and support ribery and keep crossing zee ball….no no… you must shoot for goal. We must score in the first half … no wait we must score in zee first 20 minutes… fabien, you must keep and eye out for zeir long range shots… Mikhail, you need to run up zee left flank and look for Thierry and david … no wait you should pass eet een earlier zan zat… oooh wait I think I’m getting ze migraine…

Togo: Otto Pfister
Boys, lets go and haf fun playing der game, yes?


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  1. on a COMPLETELY unrelated note, i realise.. but the post reminded me of the french cook, in “the 12 tasks of asterix”.. :-Dhow be u?

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