Arsenal season 2009-2010 – The Good, The Bad and the Ridiculous

  1. For a team so widely predicted at the start of the season to lose its Champions League spot, and then written off twice from the title race, it was not the worst fate in the world to be challenging for the title till the last 5 games of the season (1 point behind United and 5 behind leaders Chelsea) and eventually finishing third.
  2. However it is not good for a team like Arsenal to finish 5 consecutive seasons without any silverware. (Are you reading, Professor Wenger?)
  3. The Arsenal need to snap out of the ‘different season, same problems’ syndrome that they have been suffering from for the past few seasons.
  4. Almunia and Fabianski showed aspiring goalkeepers what NOT to do on a frighteningly regular basis. (Fabianski infamously more than his Spanish colleague)
  5. Fabianski should not be handed a start on his birthday. EVER. For his sake and ours.
  6. 41 conceded goals never won anyone a title in recent years and is a poor defensive record EVEN for the Arsenal of the past few seasons.
  7. Cesc Fabregas was brilliant as usual. It will indeed be a sad day if he decides to leave for Barca this season. We will cope of course, but it is never easy losing a player of his talent and calibre. Especially earlier than the expected exit to the Nou Camp.
  8. Has anyone noticed just how similar Fab looks to the actor playing Gabriel/Sylar in Heroes???
  9. Injuries. Injuries. And more injuries. Arsenal have had their share of bad luck in the past when it comes to injuries and this season was a bit worse. While long-term injuries to major players at regular intervals did dent the Gunners title challenge, it is no excuse for a lack of bench-strength. Or maybe there’s something in the water at the Emirates that’s the root cause of all the Arsenal problems?
  10. The end of February turned out to be unlucky for another Arsenal player. After the Taylor-Eduardo incident on February 23, 2008, it was the turn of Aaron Ramsey to have a double leg-break courtesy of Ryan Shawcross’ ill-timed tackle that mis-judged just how fast Ramsey was onto the ball. At least it wasn’t on my birthday again, like in 2008. Thank God for small mercies.
  11. Is Phillipe Senderos still a Gunner? Anyone? (A chocolate for the one who can tell me without consulting a newspaper or the internet.)
  12. Dear God, is it too much to ask that Robin Van Persie be fit for one WHOLE season? (That’s from September to May just to specify)
  13. Le Prof Wenger, to clarify just one tiny fact – buying experience does not mean buying someone who is old! You, of all people, with your cherished youth policy, should understand that. More so when your 23 year old captain (given the armband at 21) and 24 year old left-back are two of your most experienced players.
  14. Please let the rumour of a possible bid for Paul Robinson be untrue!
  15. St. Nick – you have been at your most despairingly frustrating and your very opportune goal-scoring best and I have a confused bundle of emotions regarding you which I am not even going to bother sorting out any time soon. Just keep up the assists and scoring the much-needed 1 goal out of 9 chances next season and nobody will get hurt.
  16. I have been saying this for a while but maybe it’s time for Wenger’s Boys to take some tips from their highly successful counterparts – the women’s football dominating Arsenal Ladies. You never know what might help you when. (Anyone listening?)
  17. Maybe a refreshers course is necessary for a lot of the squad players considering the easy goals we have allowed other teams to score against us this season? That and/or a better defensive coach and/or new tactics. Defence 101 as make-shift summer school for the Gunners anyone?
  18. Diaby scored one of the most beautiful headers in his career. The fact that it was into his own net is pretty inconsequential. Unless you are an Arsenal fan. Or even better, a Manchester United supporter.
  19. Andrey Arshavin is one of the most amusing and irrespressible guys to read about. Nice to see an intelligent, well-read, cultured and extremely out-spoken footballer with a sarcastic, dry, matter of fact sense of humour.
  20. It has not been all doom and gloom and Arsenal fans have had lots of moments to smile about and rejoice – the 2-2 comeback against the mighty Barcelona at the Emirates stadium, the 5-0 thrashing of Porto and the two goal comeback to beat the Rovers 6-2, starting off the season on an explosive note by beating Everton 6-1, Fabregas’ inspired performance coming off the bench against Aston Villa among others.
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