Man City + Liverpool = Footballing Axis Of Evil!

Sometimes, the hardest question for football fans to answer is “was last season a succes or a failure?”. Most often, you know for sure. Chelsea fans and Liverpool fans will have no ambiguity in answering that question. For us Man United fans on the other hand life’s a bit more complex.

We won the Carling Cup. A bauble you say? Well it’s still one of the 4 trophies that clubs aim for so it’s not exactly the community shield. Oh and it provided the setting for putting Man City in their place, so it must be seen as a highlight of the season.

By all accounts we are the second most successful team in English football, and among the top 8 teams in Europe. Yet, it’s a come down from the best in English football and the second best team in Europe last year. Glass half full or half empty? There are dozens of teams which would love to be in this position, yet, we can only look at Chelsea and gnash our teeth.

Ultimately, it boils down to our expectation of the future. And this is where the axis of evil in football kicks in. The fact that Sheikh Mansoor decided to buy Man City instead of, say Everton, made a big difference to us! Both are second teams in their respective cities and both have had long and distinguished histories without actually having won anything significant in the past few decades. But he chose Man City, thereby unwittingly setting up the axis of footballing evil, at least for Man United fans. Here’s how it hurts us in so many ways.

Man City spend gazillions – buying up players and inflating player prices. So far no different from Chelsea or Everton doing the same thing. But then, as they keep buying players, they release other players in what I call the “Real Madrid Effect”. Lots of good players can be had on the cheap from Man City’s scrap heap. I would certainly not mind if we picked up Stephen Ireland or even Roque Santa Cruz (the latter on a pay for play, based on fitness). Ireland is a top notch attacking midfielder who is just not sexy enough for the new Man City. Santa Cruz got 20 goals playing for Blackburn. He’s hardly had a look in at Man City. We don’t need yet another crocked striker to go with Owen, but if he was fit, I think he would come at a knock down price. Yet, I can’t see these players cross the big divide and play for the reds, though Tevez may have unintenionally broken down some walls.

It doesn’t end there, though, when other teams like Liverpool or Arsenal sell players, they will make a point of not selling to United. No Liverpool player would play for Man United without risking his house being stoned by some disgruntled fans. So no Torres or Gerrard for us, though Sir Alex would happily break the bank for them. No, where will they go then? Well only Man City might have the obscene amount of money to spend on them. You get my drift?

So Man City get Torres and Gerrard and Liverpool get obscene amounts of money. Now do you now see how evil this is?

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