England v USA

  1. It hasn’t been a great start for Capello – after all the good work done in qualifying, his wards did let him down. King got injured. Green let in a howler. Milner wasn’t quite fit enough and calm enough. Even when England scored, you could see that Capello was not happy about something – he could sense that they were not playing the way he wanted. I wonder if the occasion got to them and the England team lost their heads a bit and in the second half, went back to the bad habits of the pre-Capello era.
  2. Where was the Rooney that Capello has reinvented? The Rooney that lives in the penalty box… the Rooney that is 80% predator and 20% playmaker? The lethal Rooney who is usually at the end of the cross, not struggling to get into the box in time? Rooney needs to trust his midfield and wide men a bit more and play further up, so he can actually get into goal-scoring positions.
  3. The second half was a poor, poor advert for the world cup. A flashed shot from 30 yards, a few misconnected headers. No real saves, chances or shots. And to be honest, not much by way of constructive football. Both teams seem to prefer hoofing it out, or into the audience.
  4. The US were pretty much what we would expect – tough, hard running, not very skilled. They were lucky with the goal, but you would always bet the US to nick a goal. It’s the lack of goals from England that was worrying.
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