Germany 4 – 0 Australia: 4 Things The Germans Got Right

What The Germans Got Right:

  1. Especially when you compare them to the England team, they managed to keep it strictly professional. It was not an emotionally charged environment. Steven Gerrard spoke before the game about being inspired by the troupes. Clearly England went into their game in an emotional state of mind and this probably affected their ability to play calmly. Germany, on the other hand seemed to keep emotion very much in the background and they went out and did a thoroughly professional job against Australia.
  2. Klose and Podolski have been leading the German line since 2004. Klose were joint top scorer with Ronaldo in 2002. The pair combined to make Germany top goal-scorers in 2006. And it took them just 45 minutes to put Germany 2 goals up with one a piece. The 2 have had just 6 and 10 goals in this last season. Hardly the form that fills you with confidence – and yet, when they put on the national jerseys they become lethal. And share a telepathic relationship to boot!
  3. Mesut Ozil, rightly named Man of the Match – produced a virtuoso passing display – and generally pulled strings for as long as he was on the pitch. Around him the other midfielders – Schweinsteiger in particular – provided bit and athleticism. The Germans were simply everywhere.
  4. The oldest cliché in the football book – teamwork. Everybody talks about it. Germany gave the footballing world a lucid demonstration of how it’s done. One particular move between Podolski and Klose that didn’t actually lead to a goal, but involved a series of first time passes at speed, that just left the Australians bewildered was a personal highlight!

The dismissal of Cahill made things easier for Germany and near impossible for Australia. But to be fair, Germany scored 2 goals with him on the field and 2 after he departed. The dismissal looked harsh as Cahill clearly did not have his studs up or look to hurt the player. However on repeated replays, it was clear that Cahill lunged with both feet off the ground and he did come in from behind the player. So perhaps not as harsh as it may have looked. Nonetheless, a yellow card would not have displeased anybody.

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