Italy 1 – 1 Paraguay: It’s Been Hard Coming Up With 5 Points of Note!

  1. Yet another underwhelming game with few incidents of note at either end. Though Italy did finish strongly and could have won the game. However, it’s worth noting that their only goal came from a very elementary goal-keeping error.
  2. Old faithful Camoranesi & Zambrotta still among the better performers
  3. Paraguay were listless and mostly played without flair. If you remember 2002, Paraguay had one of the most exciting “unknown” talents – Nelson Cuevas, who scored a couple of stunning individual goals. No such luck this time.
  4. The alarming lack of wide play that has afflicted most of this world cup was apparent in this game to, with only Italy’s Pepe showing a few signs of creativity.
  5. Paraguay have 2 players called Caceres. How confusing. And they have the intriguing combination of Torres and (Da) Silva in defence with Villar in goal. You wouldn’t want to be the commentator if they come up against Spain. In what reads like a who’s who, their bench includes Veron, Benitez and yet another Caceres.

Yes, it was that kind of game.

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