Spain 0 – 1 Switzerland: Upset of The Round!

  1. Against all odds, Spain flopped, leaving Germany and Brazil clear winners of this round, with only the Dutch impressing in parts. Spain became the first big team to actually lose in the opening rounds. Alonso hit the bar, and a few chances were missed, but the Swiss goalie didn’t really have too many saves to make. And Switzerland, for their part could have made it two, when Derdiyok hit the post after great work in the box. In the end the 7-2-1 formation of the Swiss proved to be too hard to unlock for the Spanish Armada.
  2. The Swiss goal was a comedy of errors. A route 101 ball from the keeper bounced off a Spanish head, there were a few miskicks, a lucky deflection or three and Fernandes was in on goal. You can’t legislate for that kind of goal. The only way is to score at least 2, to create a cushion.
  3. The Spanish team selection seemed a bit off the mark. Picking 2 defensive midfielders against Switzerland seems over-cautious. Spain don’t play long raking passes, which anyway restricts Xavi Alonso’s utility. If they had instead started with Fabregas, the chances of picking the Swiss lock would have been much higher. Fabregas has the same number of goals this season (19) as Xavi, Iniesta, Alonso and Silva together. Spain have paid the price for keeping him on the bench.
  4. Switzerland were organized. Newsflash! Shock! Spain couldn’t break them down. There was no inspirational play.
  5. In part, I was reminded of watching Arsenal play. Spain seemed to have no plan B. Short passes, through the  middle, or wide to Jesus Navas who would usually chip it in without clearing the first defender. No overlapping of the wingbacks to help Navas get to the byline, no long range shots to see if the keeper might spill something, nobody showing individual skill to beat a man to create space to shoot. Except Pique, and that’s a shame.

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  1. I have been waiting for Spain to get to the finals of the World Cup since 2002…and they never even came close. This yr I’ve jumped off the bandwagon and today’s game just confirmed all my doubts! With Chile winning too, they r in trouble!!!
    btw, good post!

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