Best Of Round 1: Germany

  1. The Germans couldn’t have asked for a more perfect start to a World Cup in which no team apart from South Korea had managed a convincing start in the opening three days.
  2. Though the Socceroos were always the under-dogs, nobody expected Germany to go on such a rampage, and the Aussies were very lucky that the score-line didn’t extend beyond 4-0 when it so easily could have, with guys like Klose, Ozil and others missing easy chances.
  3. Germany has never been known for panache or artistic play. ‘Dour’, ‘Defensive’, ‘Boring’ are the adjectives usually associated with their style of football. But yesterday they destroyed those adjectives very much in the same manner that they dispatched a hapless Australia.
  4. “Classy in creation and clinical in execution” is how the Guardian’s Daniel Taylor succinctly puts it. With a squad that is their youngest for 76 years, Joachim Löw has managed to find the balance between youth and experience and add a creative flair and lovely passing movement to his team’s well-documented clinical attitude, discipline and defensive stability.
  5. Yesterday’s match documented the considerable talent and potential of young players like 20 year old Thomas Mueller, Werder Bremen’s Mesut Ozil and Stuttgart’s Sami Khedira, who all had a really good match and played beyond their years and experience. Cacau also merits a mention – scoring the 4th goal minutes after coming on as a substitute.
  6. It was a complete team effort from the Germans and all four of their goals were a glowing testimony to that fact. There was nothing “dry” about them or the vision, creativity and team-work involved in the build-up. One of the biggest pluses was their positive attitude and commitment to attacking play.
  7. The Aussies were left unable to handle the extremely accurate passing and flowing movement … especially lacking a strategy to deal with the likes of Podolski, Lahm, Ozil, Mueller, Klose who dominated the ball possession and were creating chances and space at will.
  8. For those of you interested in statistics, yesterday’s brilliantly taken header brought Miroslav Klose’s World Cup goal tally to 11. If he continues in the same vein, he will surpass Ronaldo’s record of 15 goals.
  9. The Socceroos were dealt with the unfair dismissal of one of their star players, Tim Cahill but to be fair, they had run out of ideas long before. They should have been on the score-sheet much before the Germans had even touched the ball and who knows what could have happened if Tim Cahill’s shot hadn’t hit his own captain Lucas Neill or if Garcia’s attempt to score from the re-bound hadn’t been blocked by Lahm? But it was a very well-deserved victory for the Germans and Lahm started off his tenure as captain with a resounding win.
  10. Germany will no doubt face tougher and more physical opposition and play teams which will not allow them to play their newly honed free-flowing passing game. And it will be interesting to see how they handle all of this. But for now, Löw and his men will be happy to have shown why they should never be written off as Cup favourites. Michael Ballack who?
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