England 0-0 Algeria: 5 Points About Nothing

  1. This was the worst we’ve seen Rooney play in years. And the worst we’ve seen England play since Capello took over. There’s probably a connection there.
  2. On this performance I would certainly not put money on England beating Slovenia
  3. At the end of the first round Algeria were one of the teams looking out of place at the world cup. They didn’t score but generally outplayed England today. Draw your own conclusions.
  4. Collectively this team couldn’t receive or trap the ball, couldn’t pass, didn’t move, didn’t hold their shape, didn’t work hard enough, didn’t want to win enough, and must have passed the ball to their goalkeeper at least 20 times in the match. You have to feel sorry for Capello. Kick and rush? That seems like high praise from Beckenbauer now.
  5. Makes you think what might have happened if Paul Scholes was playing instead of Gerrard, or Lampard, or both.
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