10 Observations for Round 1

Some random musings and conclusions after the first round of World Cup group matches:

  1. Trees and plants are probably feeling very insecure and hurt all across England this summer, on account of “Green” being the “Hated colour of the month” (or more likely until the Euros in 2012 if England mess up again.)
  2. Germany would never have made my “I love to watch the way they play football” list but their amazing, attacking football and wide, fluid passing movement has won them another supporter. For now. Definitely the team of Round 1.
  3. The name “vuvuzela” sounds very exotic and it may be dear to the South Africans, but tell that to my ears who are extremely annoyed by the abnormally large fly or bee constantly buzzing around them while they are trying to listen to the commentary.
  4. The Red Fury were completely colourless and uninspired in spite of dominating possession. Too much of a deja vu feeling for an Arsenal fan! Please do everyone a favour, Del Bosque and play Fabregas?
  5. France and Raymond Domenech – the less said the better! The Asian teams were impressive and the Dutch impressed in parts.
  6. The Ivory Coast were really unlucky to get only a draw against a listless Portugal which over-relied on captain Cristiano Ronaldo who had a single moment of magic in the match when he forced the Cote de’Ivorie keeper to save a superb free-kick.
  7. For me, two of the memorable moments of this World Cup so far have been Jong Tae-Se’s emotional outburst at the time North Korea’s national anthem was being played, and Drogba taking the field as a substitute with his recently operated arm in a cast.
  8. Argentina were not brilliant but showed enough flashes of talent to confirm their outside chance of being title contenders. Maradonna looks like someone from the Mafia but he’s still clearly got the passion and love for the game and wouldn’t mind still coming on as a sub! Messi showed glimpses of just how supreme he can be and I hope we get the chance to see more masterclass performances from him.
  9. Italy were jaded and lack-lustre and do not look likely to defend the championship they won in 2006. There doesn’t seem much chance of they even providing us with entertainment value like Marco Materazzi’s role in Zinedine Zidane’s headbutt. Sigh.
  10. Maicon’s amazing feat of bending physics rules surely is the goal of Round 1. And a definite contender for goal of the tournament. Brazil showed enough to reassure all the bookies that have money on them to win the tournament.
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