Liverpool’s Summer of Discontent

  • My previous post (“Storm before the calm“) was almost prophetic with its title. After the storm of Rafa’s departure, news and rumours from Anfield have become rarities. This could either mean that Purslow and Dalglish are quietly and diligently going about their job of finding a new manager and will announce one soon, or that nobody seems willing to take up the poisoned chalice of Liverpool right now. Hope it’s the former.
  • While the news trickling out suggests that Purslow and Kenny are at least going about their job, albeit quietly, news from the Martin Broughton (brought into oversee the sale of the club) corner is so completely absent that one wonders whether there’s anybody home.
  • The whole business of finding a manager first and new owners later seems horribly cart-before-horse-ish to me. Why should the new management like the new manager? Given that uncertainty, why should anybody want to become Liverpool manager now – unless they are given a guarantee that they will be retained even after the club changes hands. Which, of course, would mean that if the new owners don’t like the manager, they’ll have to pay him off with a fat sum of money meaning the club will sink another inch into the red.
  • It looks like Masch is a definite goner this time around. Will be good if we can at least wangle Cambiasso in return plus a good 15-20 mill. What are the two of them going to do in one team anyway?! And Cambiasso would hopefully be fresh and ready to fire not having featured at the world cup.
  • Hopefully the powers that be have something up their sleeve that will convince G&T to stay at Merseyside next year. Otherwise, we’re in very deep s*it.
  • The opening day home game against Arsenal at Anfield could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. With Liverpool having played in a couple of competitive Europa cup games by then, hopefully they would be in better stride. Add the natural honeymoon period for any coach, players hoping to impress him, and as-yet unfaded optimism for the new season from the fans, and one might just possibly just possibly hope for a first league win over the gunners in some 3 years or so.
  • I know, I know. There is a world cup going on. But given that you’re assaulted by world cup news and snippets any which way you turn, I’ll be generous and spare you.
  • Almost. Because, here’s a quick review of Liverpool (including almost Liverpool) players in South Africa. Babel and Reina have only been tasked to warm the bench so far, and hence no comments about them.
  • The list of flops is obviously headed by Carra. He’s been very bad and, if nothing else, recalling him from retirement alone is a big blot on Capello’s CV. Hopefully, the new manager will have the steel to put him on the bench and have Agger and Skrtel as the first choice pairing for the club. The 20 minutes of Torres were also underwhelming as it was obvious he is so short of match practice that his first touch was reminiscent of one Djibril Cisse. But that should hopefully be cured with some more appearances.
  • The list of even-stevens who have performed along expected lines is a long one. Johnson has, as expected, looked dangerous going forward but is still prone to being caught out defensively. Kyrgiakos and Agger also put in competent but not spectacular defensive shifts for their countries. Kuyt was his usual industrious self defending in his box and then running around in the opposite box and also helping himself to a goal. Similarly, Masch and Maxi were also adequate if not brilliant for Argentina. Haven’t seen Skrtel, but perhaps he also would fit into this slot.
  • I consider only two people to have performed above my expectations. The first, who gets in here only marginally, is the England captain. While he has by no means been brilliant, a combination of the pathetic displays of his teammates and his own pathetic displays earlier for the club mean that Gerrard’s performances in South Africa seem to stand out. But the player who I’ve been most happy with and who I hope will be with us next season is Milan Jovanovic of Serbia. Seems to be a capable and willing worker down the left who can take on defenders and also put in the odd goal, as he showed against Germany. One can only hope that he turns out better than the last Milan (Baros) at Anfield.
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