Man United At The World Cup – The Past Outshines The Present!

As a club fan, it’s impossible to see the world cup without classifying players into those who play for the club, those who might play for the club, those who have played for the club in the past and those who will / can never play for your club.

As a Man United fan, I find a great affinity with not just our players, but all our Alumni as well! I’m glad that Queiroz is getting some results finally. I feel happy when Cristiano has a good game. I look out for Pique and Veron. I was over the moon when Forlan had such a fantastic game against France.

Then of course, I look out for prospects. Javier Hernandez is already on the books, but it was a good time to get a look at him and he did take his goal well, against France. We definitely need a striker, so keeping an eye out for those finding a goal is the least one can do in the off chance that the phone rings and its Fergie checking to see if I’ve seen anybody worth having a look at. Luis Fabiano has earlier been linked with United, but if he continues at this rate, he’ll be priced out of the market for us, I’m sure. Fergie doesn’t do seconds but Forlan would be welcome back at Old Trafford, I’m sure. Chiellini has looked good, as has De Rossi.

Other players I’ve been impressed with and would be happy to see us make move for? Higuain, but that’s long before the world cup. The Brazilian-Ivorian Gervinho looked good.  As did the Dutch youngsters Elia and Affelay. Vidic’s team mate Kolarov had a promising start to the cup. Cacau has just had a couple of cameos for Germany, but clearly, one to watch.

One player I would love to see even for a season at Man United is the Brazilian beast – Lucio! For me one of the most valuable players on the planet today. The chances of him arriving are more remote than Kleberson’s turning out to be the hero of this world cup! Yes, he’s there too, apparently! Of course Villa, Messi, Robinho and Schweinsteiger have all impressed. Their futures don’t seem to include Man United – I’m not sure that Robinho would survive another spell up north! Jesus Navas was excellent as expected but looks unlikely to leave Spain and has been known to have issues with being away from home. I wouldn’t mind a big  money move for Schneider!

And how are our own players doing? It’s clearly a mixed bag. Rooney had his worst 2 games for years. The second one particularly vapid. Evra too has had a really ordinary world cup. For Uruguay’s second goal they just ran past him and he didn’t seem to care. Ferdinand & Nani missed out completely of course, and Carrick is yet to kick a ball in anger. Park has had a great goal and Vidic had a magnificent game against Germany (who know’s if he’ll be here next season!) but that’s about it really.

So that’s Man United at the World Cup. The past is clearly outshining the present. Let’s hope the future works too!

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