Community Shield: The Goals Tell The Story

  1. Goal 1: Rooney finds his groove, the counter attack works for United again. Scholes demonstrates again how well he has been playing the “Xavi Alonso” role – sitting deep and spraying long passes. Valencia and Rooney’s role reversal underscores their understanding. Ashley Cole caught between the ball and Valencias run inside.
  2. Goal 2: Chicharito demonstrates his speed, presence, his luck and his announces his arrival. Valencia provides again (from a Scholes ball of course) and Chicharito gets there, makes some kind of contact, and gets the luck that puts Forlan’s United career into perspective.
  3. Goal 3: Chelsea’s relentless pressure resurfaces. Essien, Lampard and Malouda start to overrun united in midfield. The new boy Sturridge shows some good speed and crisp shooting. Kalou, as he always has, pops up at the right place. United pushed back, especially with the change in midfield personnel and struggle to cope. When Chelsea start asserting themselves in the last 30 minutes, there are very few teams that can stand up to it. But perhaps the goal itself was too little too late?
  4. Goal 4: the best of the game, and sadly overlooked in the match reports. 20 passes leading up to the goal, taking the sting out of Chelsea. Keeping the ball, biding time, until the opportunity for Nani to slip the ball to Berbatov whose job is made easier by the onrushing Hilario. If he’d done his homework he would know that Berbatov much more likely to miss if made to cover another 10 yards and beat the keeper on the line! But a lovely way to finish the game. Not too many teams can do this to Chelsea, let’s hope the Blues drop some points before the season starts in earnest, and Ramirez further improves the fearsome midfield.
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